Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Winter Cold

Cold and more snow on the way. This morning it is 9 degrees F. Wind Chill -10. 5 inches of snow forecasted for Wed-Thur. It is only January and I'm very tired of winter. So far the bunny barn has averaged 50 degrees, but with a forecast high of 4 this Saturday it will be a real test for my little heater. Fortunately I'll be able to monitor it well on the weekend. Several rabbits have been shorn recently so if the temps in the barn drop too much they will have to come in the house. They get to wear nice little coats, so as long as it stays above freezing in there they should be fine.
In the past I've struggled every winter to thaw water bowls and worried through every shearing. When we moved to Wisconsin, not knowing really what the winters were like, I invested in a bunny barn and spent many long hours getting it insulated. Well the work has paid off and I've learned a few things. When we move back to Indiana I again will create a climate controlled area in the barn. Winters are much easier, but the big worry there is summer heat. Several friends lost rabbits due to the high temps this past summer. So I'm thinking that if we want to create high producing angora rabbits, it is only fair to give them comfort in the summer.

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