Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Life moves on, after a lot of thought I have found new homes for both of my arab horses. I've had them for many years and raised them on the farm, but as much as I loved them it was getting more apparent that I would not be riding them. My arm has continued to give me trouble since my fall 6 years ago (hard to believe it has been that long). It gives me pain and numbness if something yanks on it and as good as they both were we would have that situation every once in a while with a critter that is a flight animal and weighs 1,000 lbs. I am happy with my decision and they have both went to very good homes where they will be ridden and have excellent care.
The next question was what to do with the grass that grows on my 5 acres. Since I've been in the fiber business for 6 years now the obvious choice was a small spinner's flock of sheep. Hopefully that dream will start to materialize next month. I've got a little bit of fencing to do and then a bit of barn work, but not too much. I'll update the blog with pictures as things happen.