Friday, May 23, 2008


No pictures today, but I had to write a short bit. Sorry it took so long but we have been very very busy. You see last weekend the moving men loaded the truck and then some dear friends helped us drive the critter caravan home to Indiana. All the bunnies are now snug in their home barn once more. I worried terribly over the old ones, but they all took it in stride and no one even missed a meal. Even the week old litter of black germans made the move snuggled in a basket and mom was happy to feed them after the 10 hr trip.
It is so nice to be home! I walked out to the barn to feed this morning and listened to the peepers in the pond and the whiporwill calling across the wood. You just don't know how blessed you are until you leave the sanctity of your little carved out nitch of a home in the wood. Now I know and I'll never move again.
Last night I took the dogs for a run in the wood, both of them went splashing through creeks and ran until they dropped. Very happy dogs and I'll admit I loved watching them frolic.
Hubby is working diligently on the lawn that turned into a hay field over the last year. Next he will tackle the fallen fences and after they are up then we can bring the horses back home from my cousins. I have to head back to Wisconsin for a couple of weeks for the software launch and to get the old house listed, but before I go there are several bunnies in need of a wool harvest. Maybe this weekend I can take some pictures to show off those wonderful coats.