Sunday, May 2, 2010

And The Bunny Bunch

There are currently 4 new litters of varying ages and 4 more on the way due over the next month. That will be it for the spring breedings. First is a litter of 2 satins out of AE Sugar and AE Mac. One choc agouti doe and one copper. I'm going to name them after their daddy, Mackenzie and Mackayla. These 2 will be retained for my fall show string. I love the intense color of the satins. Next is the older litter of SWF Partly Cloudy's out of Somehill's Valhalla. Partly Cloudy is 83% german and Valhalla is a grand champion french. She has 8 babies and all but 2 are bucks. I'll be keeping the 2 fawns to see how they mature, the rest are available as spinner bunnies,colors available, tort, agouti and black. I have one new pure german litter in the nest out of Wiley's Hufflepuff and SWF Everest. There are 5 kits and all rew and all will be retained. The last litter is out of SWF Lily also from SWF Everest, Lily is a tort doe who is a bit older, she is a german cross who has the texture I'm after. This litter has 2 rew and 1 black, at least one will be retained for the fawn project, they are 75% german. Litters due over the next month are 2 pure satin litters one of which should be 100% self colors, the other one is another Mac litter. Also due is a red/fawn french litter and a pure german colored litter, hoping to get another pure german agouti from this breeding and some big blacks.

New Kids on the Farm

I thought I'd post all the pics of the spring babies here on the farm. First up are the new kids. 2 Toggenberg doelings are now 2 weeks old. One had a bit of a rough start, seems mom's womb wasn't big enough so her legs were a bit weak. A trip to the vet and lots of exercise has put her on her feet. I cannot tell now that there was anything wrong. They are growing like little weeds. They are both for sale and should make someone excellent milk does. They had their horn buds burned last week so they won't be horned goats. I would love to find some 4Hers who need projects.