Sunday, May 2, 2010

And The Bunny Bunch

There are currently 4 new litters of varying ages and 4 more on the way due over the next month. That will be it for the spring breedings. First is a litter of 2 satins out of AE Sugar and AE Mac. One choc agouti doe and one copper. I'm going to name them after their daddy, Mackenzie and Mackayla. These 2 will be retained for my fall show string. I love the intense color of the satins. Next is the older litter of SWF Partly Cloudy's out of Somehill's Valhalla. Partly Cloudy is 83% german and Valhalla is a grand champion french. She has 8 babies and all but 2 are bucks. I'll be keeping the 2 fawns to see how they mature, the rest are available as spinner bunnies,colors available, tort, agouti and black. I have one new pure german litter in the nest out of Wiley's Hufflepuff and SWF Everest. There are 5 kits and all rew and all will be retained. The last litter is out of SWF Lily also from SWF Everest, Lily is a tort doe who is a bit older, she is a german cross who has the texture I'm after. This litter has 2 rew and 1 black, at least one will be retained for the fawn project, they are 75% german. Litters due over the next month are 2 pure satin litters one of which should be 100% self colors, the other one is another Mac litter. Also due is a red/fawn french litter and a pure german colored litter, hoping to get another pure german agouti from this breeding and some big blacks.

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