Sunday, January 4, 2009

Agouti Update

Well a new year has started and yipee we fixed the computer. Our satellite access at the farm cannot run on wireless. We've found by hooking straight in it doubles the speed so now I can upload to the blog again.
We've had a busy year since moving back to the farm. The summer flew by with so much to be caught up outside, the garden, the fences, mowing, etc. Then my husband's mother passed away in the fall. I then got a new job with the company I work for so it was quite hectic. I'm looking forward to a more stable pace now in 2009.
I wanted to post an update on my pure german agouti baby I was so excited about when she was born last Feb. She is now an adult and has turned out very nice. I want to register her with IAGARB, but first she has to be a mom. I find if I don't get them bred by 1 year of age it becomes difficult. So I tried last month and she didn't take so last week I bred her again to Everest, an awesome german boy. She seemed more receptive and I witnessed several breedings so I'm hoping for babies around the 28th of January. I also bred Emmaline to my black buck Thunder, so the new year should bring lots of color.