Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Flock

Friday was the day that I went to select my new flock of fiber girls. I got up early and drove to Under the Son Farm where Theresa helped me pick out a nice little group of girls. I've been buying wonderful shetland fleeces from her for several years so when I decided it was time for sheep I knew right where to go. She was extremely helpful, pointing out the positive and negatives of every girl. Finally I decided on a flock of 6 ewes who loaded into the trailer and came home with me. First and the oldest is Clara, a 5 year old fawn/mioget ewe. Then there is Yunan who is a yearling fawn katmoget ewe. Then there are 3 shetland ewe lambs a black (Calico), a shaela (Orchids) and a grey katmoget (Brocade). The sixth is a bfl/shetland white ewe lamb. I'm also getting a pure cormo white whether later this fall from my friend Jane. That should give me a wide aray of colors and some very soft silky fleeces to blend with my angora bunny. I'm really enjoying my small flock, Clara is very tame and all the lambs follow her around. That sure comes in handy when I want to bring the flock into the fold in the barn at night. Last night I went out and yelled for Clara and the whole group came a running. Stay tuned as I continue my adventure into shepherding