Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold again this am, I don't think I will ever get used to these temperatures. The bunny barn was down to 35 this am, the little heater just can't keep up with 15 below zero and 30 below wind chills. I had to dethaw of few of the bowls in the bottom tier of cages. The rabbits don't seem to mind the temp, the ones who have been recently sheared have coats on and the rest are growing out nicely.
Here is a picture of a buck I sheared last weekend. Noah is a chocolate agouti whose father is a 1/2 2006 import german and his mother is a nice fawn doe who is only 47% german. Noah never got to be very large, but he still has wonderful spinning fiber and has good depth of color. He is bred to a chestnut doe who father was also fawn. Looking forward to having some nice fawn/agouti babies in early February. These will not be high percentage german, only 50%, but I'm love their texture for spinning. It is softer than german, but still matt free and both parents have been extremely carefree. This babies should make really nice spinners bunnies. I plan to keep a fawn for myself, but the rest will be available if anyone is interested.
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