Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Black Germans

Several folks have asked about my black germans. Two black germans does were imported from Germany in 2006 by Susan Wiley and Leslie Samson. I have a black german buck who is a grandson of one of those does. This picture and the one in my side bar are two from my first litter. Their mother is my SWF Tornado (Tori) who I registered with IAGARB when she was 10 mths old. Tori is what I'm breeding for. An excellent mother who takes every time I breed her. Excellent wool production, she produces just under 400 grams at every shearing, and she stays very clean between shearings even her bottom needs very little maintenance. Tori is now bred to Lightning whose picture is in my header. This will probably be Tori's last litter as she is now two and she is my biggest pet. I will be keeping her daughters from this litter. Lightning is the son of Samson's Suzanna, my 2006 record setting doe.

Sad to say I lost his brother this past weekend, not sure why, found him dead on Sat morning.

The other brother Nimbus has a litter with my tort doe, this will be what I use to bring a much better fawn into my herd in the future.

Well back to work, seems the real job keeps putting on more demands.

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cyndy said...

I once had a wonderful black buck, that was 60% German cross. What a lover...there is no replacing him.

He died suddenly, one morning, for no apparent reason...he was always in top health, and was only 4 yrs old. His symptoms were sudden weakness on one side, with drooling. The breeder suspected a stroke.