Thursday, March 27, 2008


I feel a bit relieved after returning from Indiana. The damage from the busted water heaters wasn't as hard to repair as we thought. Got the old subfloor torn out, cleaned off some mold and got the new subfloor down. Of course we had some cut water lines along the way but hubby made quick work of the repair. Still need to install a new sink cabinet, sink and faucet before replacing the laminate floor. We'll make another trip down the first of May or so. The grass will need mown by then so it will be good timing.

On the job front, there are a couple of possibilities for relocation back home but nothing concrete yet. Hubby doesn't mind, he wants to do some fishing yet up here in Wisconsin. Personally I'm in a hurry to get back. I'm itching to get my hands in the dirt of my garden. I want to take long walks in the woods and watch my horses play in the pasture.

Some mid week bunny clean up gave me a chance to take a photo of this guy. I'm so please with Suzanna's boys. I will not sell two of them, but I feel selfish hoarding these genetics. I've offered a few people to breed their does to them. I've also bred Tori and she appears to be prego. She is always easy to tell because she gets a bigger belly and it shows well because she is so nicely straight in body. In two weeks we should have some very nice pure german babies.

Sunny (tort doe) has a litter out of one of Suzanna's boys as well. She had 8 nice fat kits, all black, these are 83% german, but I expect them to be as good as my pure german blacks given their parentage. I'll try to get pics of them soon, but right now they look like a black mass in the nest box. Sunny is a super mom with milk jugs that look like a cow.

Well back to the grind, more snow today, will spring ever get here and stay?

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Joyce, thanks so much for commenting on my blog and giving me some points for the bunny fur. Looks like you have lots of beautiful bunnies - and I see you have a couple of Aussies, too! I'll give the bunny a try again when I have time, and maybe after I finish the cotton....