Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Spring!

Finally the snow mounds are retreating. Hubby has been shoveling the ice off the deck and the piles along the roads are melting rapidly. You can now see the ground in the fields, but I think the piles by our driveway will last until June. Such a long, record setting, snowy winter. Of course in Wisconsin snow can happen even in spring, but I really hope it is done for the year.

Baby updates, both litters are doing well, soon to be 4 weeks old and both litters are now eating well. Good thing for poor Zephyr, with 7 in her litter she has really been challenged weight wise. I won't breed her again, just needed the one litter to pass on Snowy's genetics and get the color I was after. April's litter is growing in typical german fashion, with a litter of 4 they are bigger than Zephyr's. April doesn't seem to be enamored with her babies though. She seems to be a standoffish type of mom, unlike her mother Tori who loves to have babies. Hopefully it is just first litter syndrome. Suzanna once again was just gaining weight and didn't give me any babies. I'm done trying to get her to conceive, I'll just concentrate on getting someone to have babies out of her boys and see how that works. Tori was happy to have Lightining visit her so we will see in 31 days. I've got a waiting list going, so either does or bucks are already spoken for.
The picture in the middle is what I believe to be a lilac tort, the tort markings are the lightest I've ever seen. This kit reminds me of Snowy, always running to the door to get attention or see what I'm bringing. Obviously this one stays and I've named her Lily, I hope I've got the sex right or I'll have to change the name LOL.

I haven't been doing much lately with fiber, too busy at work, the training phase has begun on the new software so it has been a challenge to get home before too late in the evening. This weekend I've got to get ready to leave next week which means getting the bunnies all set up and the house cleaned. We are going home to the farm in Indiana for a long weekend, have to work on the house some. Hopefully Steve will move in May and I'll follow within a month or two.

Enjoy the cuteness of new babies!

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Denise said...

I sure hope it's finally spring. Winter has been evil here in Indiana - but nothing like what you've had in Wisconsin.
Thank you SO much for sharing the baby pictures! I cannot wait to see the new little one in person. He/She will be spoiled.
Miss you!