Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've had the flu for what seems like forever, but I think I'm starting to be on the mend. I have to keep taking advil to keep the fever at bay, which makes for some sporadic work. I did get a picture of my agouti baby this morning with its eyes open. I think it is a doe, but that is probably just wishful thinking, so hard to tell at this age. If it is a doe, when it is old enough I'll breed it to Danny who I know carries chocolate. I've rebred Sunny (tort) to Nimbus to check the color he carries. Nimbus is one of Suzanna's boys and thus my primary line to add size to these new colored pure germans. Thunder's father Edison was quite large, but Thunder is not that large. I've got several bucks that did not get much size, seems to be a common problem in the germans as well as the giants. Not the problem with Suzanna's boys though as all of them are 10lbs! I think Suzanna may have taken with the last breeding I sure hope so, I need a doe out of her. Poor Lola miscarried, I guess she is not meant to be a mother. Well back to work, trying to catch up a bit.

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