Friday, February 15, 2008

Baby Update

New pictures of Zephyr's litter, still 7 although the choc agouti is smaller than the rest, I'm giving this little one some extra mommy time each day, but doesn't seem to help much. I would move it to the other litter, but I'm afraid those big kits would push it out as well. Better to let nature take care of itself sometimes. The fawns are showing some nice clear color, I'm anxious to see how they mature.

Also posted are pictures of April and her growing litter of 4, she has the very protective instincts of her grandma Windy, she is all gruff and no bite though. Does make you a little more alert when checking the babies I have to remove her or she jumps on top of them to keep me from getting to them. Zephyr on the other hand is like her mommy Snowy and doesn't mind at all if I mess with the babies. April's litter is pure german, I'm thrilled there is a chestnut in the litter. This is the first non black pure german I've gotten out of my german black buck Thunder.

I tried to test the color genetics on one of Suzanna's boys, but she didn't take so I'll have to try again this spring.

Off to the real job, more updates later

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Woolie Creations said...

Your babies are soooooo cute!