Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Spring Beginning

At long last, I have a pure german litter out of SWF White Lightening and SWF Tornado(Tori). Lightening is the son of Suzanna, who was the 2006 IAGARB highest wool producer, even though her record has now been shattered, I'm still very proud of this doe. Although my biggest problem with her is she is very hard to get bred. I decided a long time ago that I wanted her wool production, but with the easy breeding and good mothering instincts of my old lines. Tori has all of the wonderful mothering and breeding characteristics and her IAGARB registration total, while not a record, was quite respectable at around 390 grams. This morning, right on time, she presented me with a nice litter of 5. She always has 4 or 5 and this is a wonderful size litter. The bunnies always get well fed and she stays in good condition.
Another baby update and just for Sara, some cute baby picture of the other litter out of Suzanna's other boy SWF Cumulo Nimbus and my tort doe Buck Creek's Sunny. The babies are out of the nest and although a large litter, they are all growing nicely. All black so it is hard to get good pictures, but the one above is cute. Sunny loves being a mommy and doesn't seem happy unless she has babies to take care of.
Enjoy, and happy spring!


Sara said...

Yay! Baby pictures for me! :o) They are too cute!

Carolee said...

Hello Storm Warning Farm!
I recently became the new owner of one of your older bucks - Lightning Bolt who came to me through Love Your Buns. I traced you through his ear# and found this beautiful picture of him "in the nest" from 4 years ago! He is a loving, gentle rabbit that I am proud to have as part of my growing farm. Best Wishes!
Carolee at Handall House Farm, Connecticut