Friday, August 21, 2009

New Baby Pics

More new babies arrived at 3:30 am on Wednesday morning. How do I know what time they were born? I was there... This doe is an older doe. I had previously bred her and the delivery did not go well. I waited a long time, thought I would not breed her again, but then decided to try to get some replacement germans for my wool herd. I only had one german buck who I had kept, the best one I had, but I'd try several times to get babies from two does who kept going false, so I thought he was sterile. Turns out he is not. To make a long story short, the poor doe was in labor all day, rearranging her nest a bunch of times and then stretching out and panting. I was checking on her every few hours all night long, so finally she had them. One dead kit, who I think was stopping up the works, but 7 little pink wigglers finally arrived. She is being an excellent momma, but there are a couple of small ones in there so we will have to wait and see. Some of these will be available for new homes in a couple of months.
Also above is an updated pic of the last litter. Look closely, the front two kits are fawn and choc agouti. I love the choc agouti to spin, very similar color to the fawn, but with choc fiber mixed in to give it a tweed effect. I'm retaining 4 out of this litter, fawn, choc agouti, tort, and the little choc runt, who you can see in the pic, is very small.

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angoraeden said...

Congratuations! These babies are adorable. I love the colors too.