Friday, August 14, 2009

Babies Galore

We've been blessed with a bunch of babies lately. One bunch was planned, expected, while the two other batches were of their mama's making.
First up, my new bunny litter out of my fawn doe Breeze. She has 6 nice kits, 1 runt who is chocolate, a fawn, a tort, a chocolate agouti, and two whites. All of the colors are being added to my wool herd, the two whites will probably be available for a spinner home. These are 57% german, the rest is mostly english. I absolutely love the texture of Breeze's wool for spinning and wanted to have some younger bunnies in the herd to carry on for their mom.
Next is my little banty hen who stole away into the woods and made a nest behind the dog kennel. I guess she knew the dog would not let anything get her. She emerged with 5 little puff balls. We don't need any more chickens, but they sure are cute and bantys don't eat much. I know I have another chicken who has been mia, but I saw her for a brief bit the other day. I think she has a nest in the hay bales but I haven't found it yet. She is an americauna so maybe I can sell some of those chicks to a new home.
Last but not least is my muscovy duck hatch. Mom Blackie decided to make a nest under the front porch out of my reach. I did not think they would hatch, but surprise they did and now she has 7 little yellow balls of fluff. Now mind we really did not need more ducks as I bought some day old muscovy babies this summer and they are now big and on the pond. Winter seems to be hard on the ducks though with predators. We've tried to keep them safe this year by building a fence all the way around the pond, but who knows if it will keep everything out when the pond freezes. Anyone know of a cheap source of a water aerator to keep the ice from forming? Anyway I probably won't thin the muscovy flock until spring.
Enjoy the baby pics.

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Dustin said...

Love all the baby pics! I didn't get any baby ducks this year the eggs never hatched.