Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anyone Need a New Ram?

Anyone need a new ram?  I've decided I don't have the heart for sending lambs to market.  Because I have limited acerage fenced that means I need to stop creating more.  My current ewe flock has all the colors and textures I will ever need for my hobbies.  Therefore I've decided to find homes for my boys.  First is Flash, he is a yearling cormo/shetland/finn cross.  He has a nice stocky build and is a deep dark chocolate brown wool.  He is a respectful boy but will come up to the gate to get chin scratches.  He would make an excellent ram for a spinner's flock.  Update:  My friend Dustin has agreed to take Flash, so Flash is going back where he came from to make nice morrit babies this year.
The other boy I need to find a home for is Thor.  Thor is a registered Shetland ram that was born here at Storm Warning.  He is a proven yearling who settled all of his ewe flock last year at six months of age.  I cannot say enough good things about this boy, he has it all, nice build, fleece, and temperment.  Please contact me if you read this blog and need a new ram for your flock.

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