Monday, July 23, 2012


Finally the guardians have arrived.  Meet Nuella and Noel.  I adopted these two llama girls from SELR.  I had to wait a while for transport to be arranged, but they are worth the wait.  Nuella is really friendly and likes to be petted.  It was almost hard to get a good picture of her.  I turned them out with the sheep yesterday.  The sheep are not quite sure what to make of these big things roaming their pasture but I'm sure they will adjust soon.  Noel is Nuella's daughter and a bit shy, I'm trying to win her trust with hand feeding.  Noel did decide to wade through the yucky scummy pond that is slowly drying up in the drought.  She got a bit muddy and had some green ornamentation for a while yesterday.  I hope she stays out of it now.  I guess I need to buy her a wading pool.

I also made a trip to Under The Son Shetlands and brought home two new girls.  Opal is a white shetland ewe and Aluetian is an emsket ewe lamb with a spotted face.  I think my flock is now complete.  I plan to use my two shetland ram lambs for breeding this fall on all of my ewes.

Here is a whole flock photo.  They still have some green in the pasture but you can see it is getting thin.


Dustin said...

They look really nice. I can not believe how big the goats have gotten!

Somerhill said...

Is that a Toggenburg? My friend, Jane Evans, says they give the BEST tasting milk.

Joyce said...

Yes Lisa, Mona is a Toggenburg. She does have really good milk, but due to my work travel I cannot maintain her as a milk goat. But she is a huge pet and will live out her days with me. Maybe one day I can have a job where I don't have to make trips.

The kids have really grown. Unfortunately I think Martin's horns are going to curve too far down and cause him issues. Marigold only has one and looks a bit like a unicorn.